The Shift Towards Creativity

In recent news, Chief Executive Officer of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg stated, ‘most future jobs will be more creative than traditional labour or service’ on the Lex Fridman podcast. The CEO’s statement is becoming more and more apparent with employers seeking out employees equipped with creative skills even when the job is not within the field.

Just about every profession relies on creativity. Innovation in technology, applications of scientific principles and problem-solving all require creativity to generate ideas and strategies. Despite being seen as an ‘irresponsible’ career option, creative careers have stood the test against scrutiny and ridicule. It is astonishing to see how our world is progressively shifting towards creativity not just in career matters but also in daily living.

A report from LinkedIn, covering over 660+ million professionals and 20+ million jobs, placed creativity as the top skill in demand by employers back in 2020. The demand for these skills in employees continues to be on a rise. Looking at 39 transferable skills, there is a strong likelihood of growth for creativity and those adept in the skills between now and 2030.

What are creative skills?

Individuals adept in creative skills tend to look at things from a unique perspective which comes hand in hand with problem-solving. Creativity enables you to solve complex problems using interesting ways to approach tasks.

While creative professions such as artists, writers, or designers see more obvious uses for creative skills, all professions can benefit from developing and deploying these skills. Merely comprehending creative skills can spark inspiration or motivation, presenting you with opportunities to build on your creative skillset is a way to not only move forward but to have fun while doing so.

Getting back to the matter of Zuckerberg’s vision, his statement presents itself as a reminder to future-proof your career by learning new skills. You can simply improve your creative skills by engaging in several exercises and activities such as reading regularly to mentally exercise your imaginative skills, listening to music while you work to put you in a more creative frame of mind or perhaps even doodling on a piece of paper.

However, improving your creative skills through such exercises can only do so much. To purposefully approach the comprehension of transferable creative skills, what better way than to attend a workshop that will groom you with the most in-demand skills. Attending workshops can help you grasp new ideas, inspire you to further explore the set of skills or profession on your own, or can even be of great benefit to you as a professional or for your business. It is a great option to understand hands-on skills as it provides you with opportunities to try and fail in a safe environment.

If you are looking for the ideal workshop to enhance your creativity whether it’s for a personal or professional agenda, the Academy of Design, Arts & Media is the way to go. The Singapore media academy is known to put forward some of the best creative-based workshops across the nation. Among the many workshops available on their platform, these 3 will help you develop, comprehend, and fortify a set of in-demand creative skills.

Photography & Videography Masterclass

with The Academy of Design, Arts & Media (A.D.A.M)


The creative skills obtained from this workshop can be put to good use in related areas such as advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, web design, curating, and publishing. By seizing the basics of photography and videography along with professional certification, you can transform a skill into a business through self-employment. The developed skills can also be of use in the working world as they are highly valued by employers. These include critical, analytical, and practical problem solving among others.

Communications Design Masterclass

with The Academy of Design, Arts & Media (A.D.A.M)


Attending this workshop will set you ahead in the employee market, it also depicts your persistence and will to learn. This masterclass is not only designed to enhance your professional portfolio but to also tap into your creative genius.

Film Making Mastery Class

with The Academy of Design, Arts & Media (A.D.A.M)


Mastering a class in filmmaking provides you with a mix of the technical, production, creative and business skills needed to work in a variety of industries. You will also be up to date on growing trends in the professional world. This workshop will deem helpful no matter if you are just beginning your career in the industry or need to expand your set of creative skills on your portfolio. Additionally, you will gain many other skills that are useful in more than just the creative industry such as project management, flexibility, and willingness to adapt.

As the world makes that shift towards creativity, it’s best to hop on the bandwagon and adapt to the change by acquiring these in-demand skills. To find out more about The Academy of Design, Arts & Media (A.D.A.M) and their workshops, visit https://adam.edu.sg/

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