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Our Creative Director, Andy came up with the idea for A.D.A.M. His dream is to open an academy that educates design, art, and media courses while advocating the significance of ethics, imagination, and following industry best practices. Nothing compares to the pleasure you get when you have figured out how to combine technical expertise (mastering your profession) with business acumen (ensuring the profitability and sustainability of your business). The secret to accelerate your growth is to keep learning. 

Our Values


We believe Imagination must form the bedrock of any work in the creative industry. As creative-industry professionals, our imagination must always be active, our minds always stretched by new ideas, our delivery and presentation always fresh. 


We are not always responsible for what happens to us, but we are always responsible for our thoughts, words, and deeds. We cannot do things great or small without an attitude of Accountability, or a sense of responsibility for our actions. 


Very little is sustainable in human endeavours without Respect for the people in our life. We need to acknowledge the human being behind the work or transaction, even if it falls short of our standards. 

About Us

What do we do?

A.D.A.M is a registered training provider (RTP) for professionals in the creative industry: art, design and media. We, like many other businesses, provide courses. Unlike most businesses, we strive to provide learning communities for long-term education, and internships to put acquired knowledge into practice. 

Our courses are meant for:


Behind every great idea
lies a great team to transform
it into tangible reality.

Andy Lau

Founder / Creative Director

Andy started as a young graphic designer before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. His career has taken him from corporate events and portrait photography across the globe to culinary photography, which he considers to be his true calling. Even though it’s a very narrow market with aggressive competition, Andy has proudly declared it his area of expertise and is pursuing it with all the burning desires and enthusiasm he’s renowned for. He explores the subject with the elements of time, focus, and light until experience and intuition urge him to take the shot.

Today, he lives for visual content, and minimalism is one of his guiding style and principles. In all of his work, whether commissioned or personal where he infuses minimalism in all his work, commissioned or personal. 

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A.D.A.M is a registered training provider (RTP) for professionals in the creative industry. We inspire individuals and empower businesses for jobs in the creative fields of today and tomorrow.

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