1. Registration

Registration is strictly on a first come first served basis. Registration is only confirmed upon payment made. Strictly no reservation allowed.

Required documents must be submitted to complete the registration process. All information provided must be true and correct at all times. Any willful dishonesty may render for refusal of this application.

2. Payment Terms

All fees payment must be made prior to attending the course.

Payment by cheque to be made in the favour of “Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd”. Please ensure the card user is the rightful cardholder during debit card transaction.

Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd will not hold responsibilities and liabilities for any fraudulent use of the card. This includes directly or indirectly by the customer’s use of card (including special, incidental, or consequential loss or damage)

The participant agrees to pay the then-current appropriate course fee mentioned on the site when purchasing a course.All taxes, levies, and charges imposed by taxing authorities are not included in the course costs, and participants are responsible for paying all such taxes, levies, and duties.

3. Withdrawal and Refund Policy

All withdrawal and refund request must be made in writing. All requests will be subjected to approval. Course fees payment made to Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd are refundable subject to the following conditions: • Upon receiving Written Notice of Withdrawal.

  • Full payment of course fees if withdrawal is made 7 days before the course commencement.
  • 50% of course fees will be refunded if the withdrawal is made between 3 to 6 working days before the course commencement.
  • There will be no refund for less than 2 days of withdrawal before the commencement date.
  • All refunds will be issued within 30 days approximately of the approved refund date.

Refunds for cases that applied for funding will be issued within estimated 4 to 6 weeks prior to internal approval.

A registered participant’s absence for a course without prior notice will be considered to have “withdrawn without notice,” and Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd reserves the right to impose a penalty equivalent to the full course fee.

4. Rescheduling of Course

Course rescheduling must be made in writing to Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd with a minimum of 7 working days prior to course commencement.

Course dates that have been rescheduled are subject to availability.

5. Replacement of Participant

Participants may nominate a replacement by notifying Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd in writing at least 7 working days before the course begins. The Academy of Design Arts and Media reserves the right to reject any request received in less than 7 working days.

6. Certificate of Participation

Only those who attended the entire course will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.

Participants must sign in and out of the activity. Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse participants who arrive late for classes.

7. Amendments to course

Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd reserves the right to change or modify the training syllabus/dates/venues/lecturers for the course in general as and when it deems appropriate or when circumstances necessitate. Any change or cancellation will be communicated to the participant as soon as possible.

Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd may provide an alternate date, in which case registration will be changed to the new date. If no substitute event is available and no rescheduling of the training event is possible following the cancellation of the originally scheduled training event for the reasons stated above, a full refund will be issued. Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd shall not be liable, and the customer shall have no right to seek reimbursement for expenses (e.g., travel or transportation costs) or damages incurred by the customer as a result of a justified change or cancellation by Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd.

8. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd will no longer accept photocopied or scanned identification documents as of September 1, 2019. This is part of Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd’s commitment to ensuring the security of your data and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore’s (PDPA) advisory guideline on NRIC Number issued on August 31, 2018.

Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd is still required by authorities to collect NRIC or any other identification number in order to facilitate training-related matters. We will collect the learner’s name and identification information such as your NRIC or other national identification numbers, as well as contact information such as the learner’s address, email address, and telephone number, nationality, gender, date of birth, marital status, and employment information, among other things, for any or all of the following purposes:

  • performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of the goods and/or services requested by you;
  • verifying your identity; responding to, handling, and processing your queries, requests, applications, complaints, and feedback;
  • processing payment or credit transactions; and any other incidental business purposes related to or in connection with the foregoing.

9. Termination

Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd reserves the right, with or without cause, to terminate the services at any time. We will not be liable for any damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by you or any other individual as a result of the termination of any part of the services.

This termination may result in the cancellation of all sales of products on the Site, regardless of whether payment has been received (in which case the payment shall be refunded to the customer or the issue resolved on a case-by-case basis).

In the event of suspected fraud, hacking, or technical difficulties, a purchase can be canceled, blocked, or denied. It may also include unacceptable behavior displayed by trainees such as inebriation, violence, and sexual harassment.

10. Copyright

All course material, program material, or copies are acknowledged to be the sole property of Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd and reserves the right to re-post, display, reproduce, or publish, or to grant permission to display, reproduce, or publish any entry in full or cropped form without compensation to the author of the Media.

The course materials may not be reproduced or used for unauthorized purposes, nor may they be forwarded or disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of Academy of Design Arts and Media Pte Ltd. If software is made available during the training event, it must not be taken or removed from the training site, copied, or otherwise made usable in any unauthorized way.

The recording of audio or video recordings of the lectures is strictly prohibited. If recordings or copies of course materials are made, copyright will be violated. Legal actions will be taken against such violation.


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