Click the link below to know more about developing your own programming skill, leveraging on Arduino and raspberrypi computer language using PETOI first palm size robot bittle or PETOI cutest robot cat nybble.

Introducing the Woodwow! A unique R.C assembly mechanical wooden robot which can be programmable to perform impressive feats. The WOODWOW! Also have different variants the Artillery, Soccer, and Tracked. it’s perfect for team bonding, family gathering and socializing.

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Wooden | Assembly | RC | Programmable | App Control | Colorful

What is Woodmaster?

A unique Remote Control Wood Assembling Mechanical Chariot Robot that the world has never seen before! This assembling model has everything you ever wanted! It is made of wood, so it is eco-friendly. It features a well-design mechanism with precise cutout parts, and it is also a programmable chariot! With many different modes, this is the only robot you ever need!

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Basic programming

Learn to code & Play

Woodmaster also supports programming and secondary development. Write skills or actions through simple graphical programming or more specialized code programming, and learn programming knowledge as you play.

Autonomous, Intelligent, Digital Industry Solutions

EVO Max Series

720° Obstacle Avoidance | Non-GPS Return-to-Home
42 Mins Flight Time | Automatic Obstacle Rerouting

Dragonfish Series

158 Mins Flight Time | 3 Mins Quick Assembly
4K 50x Optical Zoom | 18.6 Miles Transmission Range

EVO II Enterprise V3

9.3 Miles/15km FCC | RTK Module Compatible
ADS-B Signal Receiver | 42 Mins Flight Time

UEN: 201218814M

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